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Seasonal menu

Waffle bowls take advantage of fresh seasonal flavours by pairing real fruit ice cream with a range of delectable toppings such as mousse, cream, crumbs, sprinkles, sauces and fresh, seasonal fruit. Our menu changes frequently to keep things fresh and interesting. 

Mango & Passionfruit.png

Mango Passionfruit

Mango real fruit ice cream topped with mango, passionfruit and pear compote, cream and a coconut biscuit crumb

Strawberry Shortbread_edited.png

Strawberry Shortbread

Strawberry real fruit ice cream topped with fresh strawberry, strawberry sauce, cream and a shortbread crumb

Mixed berry & chocolate.png

Mixed Berry Chocolate

Mixed berry real fruit ice cream topped with chocolate brownie, cream, strawberry sauce and chocolate sauce

Scooped ice cream mixed with seasonal fruit in a waffle cone. Gluten-free waffle cones available

Real Fruit Ice Cream 

Waffle Bowl - ice cream_edited.png
Blueberry - Waffle Bowl_edited.png
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