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Do you support Big Manly Ice Cream operating in front of the Sailing Club on Big Manly Beach?

More information about concerns raised to Auckland Council:

  • Location: concern over whether we are in line with the Esplanade on the road corridor (Auckland Transport land) and not on the reserve (Auckland Council land). 

  • Health and Safety: concern over power and water cords running from the Sailing Club (these are covered by mats). 

  • Customers: concern over people congregating at busy times affecting neighbours.

  • Signage: concern over the location and number of signs (and flags) and their appearance.

  • Environment: concern over our trading location affecting the environment, reserve, sand dunes and beach.

  • Resource Management Act and Auckland Unitary Plan: concerns raised over whether our operation complies with the requirements in these acts.

Your data will be kept confidential and only used for presenting our support to Auckland Council when they review our licence in May 2024.

Level of support for Big Manly Ice Cream operating in their current location?

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